Why I’ve Been Absent Lately…

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I owe you and myself an explanation as to why I haven’t blogged the past couple weeks. I’ve received messages asking if I’m okay and I appreciate each and every person who has reached out. To be honest, I don’t know if I am okay. I feel like I am stuck between a deep depression and hypomania. It’s a really weird feeling because it isn’t a stable “normal” mood. I feel like I’m just existing with not much motivation to do anything. I wake up in the morning and I take the dogs out and then I go back to sleep until noon. I can’t seem to be able to wake up. I sit on the couch with the tv on, but I’m not even focused on it. However, my mood is fine. I’m not irritable, cranky, mad, sad, or happy. I feel like my emotions are just not here right now. I’ve felt like a blank slate for the last one-two weeks. So this is why I haven’t blogged lately. I haven’t had much to say. I hope everyone is doing well and I’ll blog about Memorial Day next.

To my new followers, welcome to Smiling Through Tears. This blog is a daily account of my struggle with mental health disorders. To all of my returning followers, thank you for supporting me and following my journey.

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