Tomorrow is the day I’m having the endometrial and uterus biopsies done. I’m really trying to stay positive about it but I am so nervous. I’m not only nervous for the results but also about how much pain I’m going to be in afterwards. I am a wimp and don’t have much of a pain tolerance. I’m having a hard time turning off the “what if’s” that are racing through my mind. I’ve tried meditation and yoga today to try and help calm myself down, but I can’t keep focus. Instead, I somehow fell asleep for two hours this afternoon. I guess that is good because it’s two hours I wasn’t nervous and scared.

During these biopsies they are looking for a number of different things. Of course, I’m being an idiot and googling everything. I worked in a doctor’s office for a number of years and always told patients not to Google their symptoms or diagnosis because it makes things worse. I should be taking my own advice!

Tomorrow I will also be going over “treatment” options for my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) diagnosis and the results of the ultrasound I had done on Friday.

That is all for now. If I am okay tomorrow I will post an update. Wish me luck!

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