Coffee with a Good Friend!

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This morning I decided to venture out and meet a friend for coffee. It was so nice to finally leave the house feeling somewhat better. Cabin fever was starting to set in. It’s hard for me to stay positive when I’m sick and depressed but my goal lately has been to try and think of the positive things in my life instead of focusing on the negative.

The friend that I met for coffee really means a lot to me. I can talk to them about literally anything and get honest feedback. What’s more important is that they are here for me and I hope they know I’m here for them. Friendship goes both way’s and this friendship does. I alway’s have a good time with my friend, even if it’s just getting coffee.

I have friends but not that many friends that I would call close friend’s. I think it’s important to have one or two people in your life that you can depend on and that they care about you no matter what. True friends don’t go running when things get rough. I have some personal things going on and my friend listened and just having them listen helped me. This is an example of what everyone should have. The quantity of people you call friend’s doesn’t matter, it’s the quality that matter’s.

This is my two cents for the day!

To my new followers, welcome to Smiling Through Tears. This blog is a daily account of my struggle with mental health disorders. To all of my returning followers, thank you for supporting me and following my journey.

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