I have been absent from blogging for the last few days because I have been sick. Really sick. Last week I was really tired and just felt off. Over the weekend I started running a low-grade fever and my throat felt like it was on fire and I could barely swallow. By Sunday evening, I was running a fever of 100.7º Fahrenheit so I loaded up on Gatorade and Tylenol and got in bed for the rest of the day. I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night because my throat hurt so bad. I thought for sure I had strep. Monday morning I took my temperature as soon as I got out of bed and it was 101.8º, I ached, my head was throbbing, my throat was still on fire, and I had absolutely no voice. I called my primary care doctor’s office to get in but they couldn’t see me until 4:00PM. I felt to sick to wait so I went to the CVS Minute Clinic near my house and saw the nurse practitioner. I got there before they opened so I didn’t have to wait which was perfect because a line of people showed up after me. I am so glad I went because by the time we got there I was running a fever of 102.6º, had low blood pressure, high resting pulse and my pulse ox was slightly low. The NP ran a strep and flu test and they both came back negative. However, she said my lungs sounded a bit raspy and believed I had that beginnings of pneumonia. She put me on 7 days of antibiotics, Mucinex, an inhaler, Tylenol and bed rest. She told me that if my fever went up at all or if my chest felt any tighter to go to the ER to get fluids and a chest x-ray.

Today my fever is down to 99.8º and I still feel like I was hit by a truck but my cough is productive and I know I have to rest. I’m starting to get a bit stir crazy though. I’m bored of watching TV and every time I start focusing on a book I fall asleep for five minutes before I wake up with non-stop coughing. On Monday my mom did make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup for me so that’s what I’ve been eating all week. My mom is an amazing cook.

Other than being sick, I have nothing much going on — which is good because pneumonia sucks. On Friday I have the abdominal ultrasound that my gynecologist ordered and Tuesday I have the biopsy done. I’m a nervous reck but I’m trying to focus on getting healthy instead of those things. That’s all for now. If I’m feeling okay later, maybe I will blog again.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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  1. Feel better soon! I am at the beginning stages of being sick. Sore throat, drainage, congested cough. If I don’t get a handle on it, it will turn into bronchitis or even worse pneumonia. I’ve been drinking ginger ale today and on my second cup noodles. Yay for Spring!

    1. Ugh tell me about it! Make sure you stay hydrated. If you can handle Gatorade I highly recommend it. It will help keep your electrolytes up and helps keep a fever low. Feel better!!!

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