OCD is one of the disorders that drives my family crazy. I won’t drink out of a clean glass without first rinsing it out, when I go out to eat (even to my parents house) I clean the silverware with my napkin and inspect all glasses and dishes, I have a habit at home of running dishes through the dishwasher twice, I rinse the glass coffee carafe out several times before I make coffee (even when it is clean), I make my bed everyday, I vacuum every other day (then again I have two Labrador Retrievers who shed terribly), I brush my teeth three times per day, I wash my hands more than anyone I know (which are raw right now because of the winter), I disinfect my kitchen counters twice per day, I do an extra-rinse on the washing machine to make sure all of the detergent is out of my clothes, along with so many other compulsions.

I have tried SO hard to stop these compulsions or at least lessen the times I do them. It is a habit for me that I seem to not notice when I’m doing them. My therapist and psychiatrist have suggested that when it comes to drinking out of a clean glass, just to drink out of it without rinsing it out. IT WAS TORCHER!!! I stopped and haven’t been able to stop myself again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop some of these compulsions or lessen how often I do them? I really try but I feel like Im loosing my mind. Thank you ahead of time if you can help.

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