Marriage between Andrew and Me – 5/19/2012

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Andrew and I got married in May of 2012. It was one of the best days of my life until now. He is a good guy and puts up with a lot from me. I wish I could say that our marriage is amazing, but it isn’t. Is anyones marriage perfect? We argue a lot, we are extremely different and honestly don’t have much in common. We have gone to therapy and have tried for years to change how we talk and react to each other. Things really haven’t gotten any better.

I know I’m a lot to put up with. I have a lot of anger, sadness, mood swings and frustrations — and I take it all out on Andrew. Andrew does the same with me. Sometimes I wonder if we are past the point of fixing things. I have told him more times then I can count that I want a divorce. Where would I go? Do I really want a divorce?

I have talked with my family about it. Everyone says the same thing to me, “he is such a good guy and not many people would put up with you like he does. Where are you going to go? How are you going to support yourself and the dogs and pay bills?” These are all true things. I do not work ( I am on permanent disability). I need help. I am not happy in my marriage. I’ve been trying to figure this out the past few years. I feel like I am stuck and have nowhere to go. I feel like I am always going to be STUCK. I don’t want to be here. Any suggestions?

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  1. I’ve been married for 22 years. It is not a perfect marriage. It has been hard but being married is very difficult and anyone that tells you it’s not is lying to themselves. My husband had been married twice before me. He finally realized there’s always problems in every relationship. The only difference is the problems. Fixing the problems you have is usually easier than finding new problems to deal with. Of course I don’t know anything about the issues the two of you face but I can tell you that building a life together and going through those problems builds a bond. My husband and I still have fights and disagreements but we just hang on and work it out. Being unhappy sucks but you may let this guy go to find something worse. I’m not telling you to stay or go but if you leave you may end up in the same situation or worse. There’s always going to be big problems in a marriage. Since I don’t know your problems all I can do is share my experience. My husband suffers from mental illness as well and it’s not easy but we hang on and when you’re older it gets easier. Hang in there.

  2. I’m sorry to say I feel much the same way. I can’t work and I believe this causes me to feel useless very often, leading to constant arguments. My family too believe he is a saint for putting up w me and I resent it. I’m sure Andrew and my hubby are great guys but nobody is perfect. Been to therapy didn’t work. Hope it helps you guys.

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